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Welcome to the RSP Cooper Register

This is a club for the owners and enthusiasts of the RSP version of the Mini Cooper.  Our aim is to register every RSP in existence, so if you have one please tell us about it.  

Registration is free, so if you want a register form, please right click here and select 'save target as'  to download.  Then complete the form and  email it to us.  If you have any problems email us.

The Register also has a very active chat forum based on Specialist Mini Forums.  All RSP owners are welcome to join us.  The aim is to share information, source spare parts and generally have fun - there are often RSPs for sale, so if you haven't got one yet we can help you.  Members sometimes organise stands at Mini events - see 'Events' in the Gallery for more information.  

The RSP Register is now run by Roger Hunt, who owns two RSP Cooper 'S' models, including the one previously owned by John Cooper himself.

"This was all inspired by my car. I have one of the RSP Coopers made in 1990. I've owned most types of Mini derivative, including 998 Coopers, a Mk1 Cooper S 1275, many 1275GT's, two Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 Exports and the odd souped-up Mini City.  The one that's really captured me is my RSP, why ? It's the newest Mini that a DIY enthusiast can maintain themselves, and the version that I have, the Cooper S, is the most powerful factory version made with carburetors."
Dean Davies - Founder of the RSP Cooper Register


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